How to Use Articles to Get More Work-At-Home Mom Clients Now!

You have a product or service that will help work-at-home-moms. And, because article marketing is the very best way to reach your specific audience, you decide to write an article that will attract work-at-home moms.

In fact, you’ve just put the finishing touches on your newest WAHM (work at home mom) article. You pull out your list of favorite submission sites and get ready to watch your marketing creation spread like wildfire across the Internet, onto the waiting computer screens of thousands of moms who are interested in your product or service.

Is Writing & Submitting Articles Enough to Get You “In” the Work-At-Home Mom (WAHM) Market?

According to some surveys, over 70% of moms go to the Internet first when they are thinking about making a purchase. You also probably know that writing and submitting articles is one of the best ways to make sure they can find you.

But, did you also know, research into the mom market shows that moms prefer to buy from companies that build relationships with them?

When I purchased my first mom website, I thought I could provide helpful resources, promote them well, and moms would use my site simply because it was valuable.

Well, that approach didn’t get me very far.

Since I’ve gotten to know the people who use my website, spend my time in the same places they spend theirs, and initiate a dialogue with them, my business has grown exponentially. And it continues to grow. Now my members promote me more often, and more effectively, than I promote myself!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow use that WAHM article you just wrote to tap into the power of the mom market, and get them talking about you?

7 Ways to Use Article to Build Relationships & Get More Work-At-Home Mom Clients Now

1. Post your article on Twitter. Twitter is a social network where you connect with others by “following” them, and then posting brief updates to share with those who follow you. To get started, open a Twitter account and search for moms to follow. If they like what you have to say, they’ll follow you back. You’ll need to do more than just post links to your articles, though. Engage in conversations with your followers, and they’ll read your articles because you have a relationship with them.

2. Publish your article on a platform that encourages dialogue. Use article directories that allow comments or a feature like “Share This.” This allows your readers to leave their thoughts behind, and easily share your article with others.

3. Write on a topic moms are already talking about. When you’re looking for an article topic, find one that you know moms are interested in. You can find ideas by visiting mom forums and other social groups.

4. Use Google Alerts to track where your article is being published. If you find one of your articles published in a mom forum or blog, take a moment to post a comment. Thank them for sharing your article and perhaps share some additional information that wasn’t included in the original article.

5. Speak directly to moms in your article. In the title of your article, address your reader as “Mom,” or make it clear who the intended audience is. On my own mom website, I’ve noticed that articles that speak clearly and directly to moms, receive a lot more exposure than articles that are generically written.

6. Include the facts in your article, but leave out the hype. Moms are busy people and they can spot hype a mile away. They need good, solid information they can trust. If you earn a mom’s trust, you just might have earned a loyal customer.

7. Become a columnist for a mom website. If a well-known mom website publishes your article, follow up with an offer to write a regular column for the site. Some popular sites, like Christian Work at Home Moms, encourage readers to interact with their columnists in a forum or blog format.

Any relationship takes time to build, but if you consistently make yourself available to your readers, and give them good information, they will eventually respond by dialoguing with you, and telling their friends about your business. And when that happens, you’ll have your “in” to the mom market.