Top 10 Ways For Kids to Deal With Mom!

Your Mom has a very weighty job, she not only gave birth to you she also has the responsibility of being your Mom. Come on, you didn’t come with an “Operations guide” or “How to manual” she is just left to wing it most of the time. Your Mom really wants what’s best for you and because of that, she sometimes gets a little stressed out. The truth is, Momhood is a strenuous, if not, impossible job at times.

How about good old Dad? Dad is just another kid for Mom to take care of. She cooks, washes the clothing, does the shopping and tries to hold the family together as a unit. Dad might be the pillar of the community but Mom is the cement that hold him up.

It’s no wonder Mom gets a little cranky when things aren’t going right. She’s on a rollercoaster and can’t get off.

It’s important for you to understand Mom has guarded feelings and at times, is easy to upset. There’s an old adage that says; “if Mom is unhappy, everyone is unhappy.” You would do good to never forget the power she wealds. Given your position, it is to your advantage to keep Mom happy and with a few precautions, working on your behalf. She is your link to your future happiness as well as very instrumental in your growth.

Never think Mom can’t raise havoc or bring wrath to your life’s experience. I am here to testify that she can and will, if your attitude warrants it. You can’t fight city hall or Mom, but you can use the power of persuasion to soften Mom so she will be more manageable.

There are steps you can take to help Mom view you as a asset and keep her working for your well being. Here are ten tips to make yours and Mom’s life more enjoyable.

1. Mom’s have a full plate. Sometimes Mom’s busy schedule causes her to overlook your needs. Clue Mom in with a clever post on the refrigerator door, or her pillow. Mom’s always like a special little note from their child. If done right it will show you care while turning her interest on your needs.

2. Get excited. Nothing makes Mom happier than seeing you excited. Even when things are downright boring get excited when Mom comes around. She will think she is doing a superb job raising you and be more apt to be agreeable when you need her attention.

3. Start a “book review” club with your friends. Mom will love seeing you interested in reading and host your friends with pleasure. You may just become an expert on some subject Mom also has an interest in.

4. Have your friends drop a note once in a while to praise Mom for doing such a good job. Mom loves getting recognition for being a positive role in your life. She needs to know she is number one to you and your friends.

5. Keep your space tidy and clean. Moms hate picking up after thoughtless children. With a tidy living space, you can better organize yourself and have more time to enjoy other activities.

6. Admit you need coaching because you have a lot to learn. Ask Mom to teach you how to cook or do something new. Mom is a wealth of information and experience, maybe she would teach you how to make chocolate chip cookies, knit, write a story, or raise flowers.

7. Show Mom a few tricks on surfing the Web. It will make her feel good that you shared your expertise and give you a chance to accidentally land on that new outfit you have been looking at.

8. Ask just enough questions to keep Mom thinking you really value her contribution to your learning. Mom’s are notorious for giving answers, some you might not want to hear.

9. The next time you go shopping with Mom, ask her for shopping pointers. Moms are notoriously famous for their expertise in shopping. She will be proud to hand down her knowledge for your benefit

10. Never say you are bored or Mom will put you to work. If she says, “you look bored” claim temporary insanity it may get you off. At least for a while

When all is said and done, Mom is the center of the household, even though Dad may think he is. You are the leg that keeps Mom steady. Because of you she is able to focus on the more important things in life, like seeing you are cared for and anticipating your giving her a grandchild. Your future depends on Mom and her willingness to be involved in it. Don’t ever underestimate Mom, she has powers you have not seen . . . yet.

Give her the credit she deserves and she will make your life enjoyable in return.