What it Means to Be a Stay at Home Mom and How to Make it Work

The reason that many women put their careers on hold to raise their children full time is different in every household. Some mothers may not trust someone else to adequately care for their children on a daily basis. Others may not want to work only to see a huge chunk of their income go to childcare. In many cases a mom has the desire to bond with and be with her children everyday. Whatever the reason is, once you leave the workforce to become a stay at home mom, you gain a whole new respect for the job; the job of being a stay at home mom that is. It is a full time job and can be more challenging than a career outside the home. Here is what it means to be a stay at home mom.

What It Means To Be A Stay At Home Mom, The Cons

1. Financial Stress: For some families losing that second income means giving up their vacation down south, for others it may mean not knowing whether the mortgage will be paid. Whatever category you are in, what it means to be a stay at home mom is that your lifestyle must change in order to accommodate losing your income.

2. Loneliness: If you are like me, you are perfectly happy going all day, even all week with little to no adult conversation; the trade off is well worth it. However, some women would go crazy. You need to ask yourself how you would cope with minimal adult interaction on a daily basis and if your feelings toward this separation will affect your children.

3. Loosing Your Sense of SelfWhat it means to be a stay at home mom is that you may find a weakening in your self esteem; you may eventually end up feeling like you have lost yourself. Although it is extremely rewarding to be home with you children full time, how much of your identity comes from your job and will you be fulfilled being a wife and mother only?

What It Means To Be A Stay At Home Mom, The Pros

1. You Raise Your ChildrenOne of the great things about being a stay at home mom is that you are in control of what your children learn, how they learn it and how they are disciplined. You are not at the mercy of some daycares methods and practices. You also get more of a chance to form the morals and values you want your children to inherit.

2. Less Stress and More Stability at Home: Don’t get me wrong, being a stay at home mom can be stressful. However being a mom and holding down a full time career can place a huge amount of stress on a family. Many stay at home moms report feeling less stressed and more at peace than the working mom. What it means to be a stay at home mom is to have a chance to get to know your children better and create more of a sense of stability.

3. A Schedule That Works For You: Hey guess what? When you are a stay at home mom you get to control your schedule! What it means to be a stay at home mom is that you decide how to spend your days. No more having a boss tell you what time you can and can’t spend with your kids and family. It is all up to you.

4. Less Guilt: One of the things that I hear every working mom say is that they feel guilty sometimes about not being able to spend more time with their children. No mom ever says they wish they worked more when their children were little. A sad truth is that moms with full time jobs often see their kids less than the daycare provider. Staying home with your kids allows you to enjoy every stage and never look back with regret.

So How Can I Make Being A Stay At Home Mom Work?

Many women think that they either have to work full time or be a stay at home mom. What it means to be a stay at home mom today is that you can be home with your children and have an income. Many women are able to work part time from home. Companies are adopting telecommuting and flex work to accommodate such situations. Of course if your place of work doesn’t offer this there are a multitude of income opportunities online; just make sure you do your research; legitimate one do exist.