Why Moms Are So Important to the Church

Consider the way that Jesus made disciples. For the three years of His public ministry Jesus clearly showed the world how disciples are made. Here are a few of the remarkable similarities of what Jesus did and what moms do.

  • Like moms, Jesus personally shepherded His disciples. Rather than delegate this task, Jesus realized that one day His disciples would change the world because of His personal influence. Like Jesus, moms of infants have a God-given maternal instinct that trusts no one else to the job of caring for her child. A mom alone knows what is best for her child. No one else knows her child like mom. No one else loves her child like mom. No one else communicates better than mom with her child. There is a bond between a mom and her child that is unique. Like Jesus, moms lay a strong foundation through their love that will remain with their child for life.
  • Like moms, Jesus was with His disciples all day long. Rather than “quality time” Jesus invested “quantity time” in His disciples. He sacrificed personal time, convenience, sleep, and comforts to care for His disciples. The result was deep relationships and commitment that changed the world. These uneducated and untrained disciples turned the world upside down! Moms of infants also sacrifice personal time, sleep, comforts and convenience to care for their children. Like Jesus, moms and children develop deep relationships and memories; the future rewards for mom, child, church and society are beyond measure.
  • Like moms, Jesus frequently taught His disciples throughout the day. Jesus was constantly teaching scripture and biblical principles. He used the Deuteronomy 6 process; He taught them when they arose, when they walked by the way, when they sat in houses and when they lay down at night. Moms of infants sing to their children and play games with them and teach them to walk and talk throughout the day. Moms teach their children to love Jesus; they read the Bible to them, and they enjoy Christian songs and media.
  • Like moms, Jesus showed his disciples how to minister to others. He took His disciples into the community and fed others, taught them, prayed for them and shared the gospel with them. Many moms of infants minister to others like Jesus did. They may take a meal or cookies and/or tracts to neighbors, pray for other moms with sick children, or witness or share the gospel with those they encounter. They may send encouraging notes to families in need. Many children benefit richly by being a part of their mom’s ministry to others. These moms and children are “salt and light” to the world in the same way that Jesus was “salt and light” with His disciples.
  • Finally, like moms, Jesus protected His disciples from wolves. Jesus didn’t send them out until they were fully trained, and they were grown men! Then when Jesus did send His disciples out, He sent them out in twos. Moms of infants are like a mama bear; you better not mess with her babies! Like Jesus, many moms don’t trust their children to other people. It violates their consciences to turn their children over to someone they don’t know well. These moms keep their children in the safety and protection that only they will provide.

My mom died when I was five years old, but I can clearly recall times we spent together. She may or may not have been a Christian, but she demonstrated to me the most important virtue in the Bible, the virtue of love. She shepherded me, spent time with me, taught me and protected me; that’s the way Jesus made disciples. Over the last five decades I have had the good fortune to have been influenced by a number of godly people, but those five decades don’t hold a candle to five years with my mom.

Moms, remember that what you are doing has eternal value to the church. You are making disciples like Jesus did and never again will your child have the opportunity to be so deeply impacted for Christ! No pastor, evangelist, or missionary has a more important job. You are creating memories with your children that cannot be replaced. You are changing the world because you are like Jesus.