Working Mom vs Stay at Home Mom – A Long Existing Debate and How You Can Have Both

This seems to be a debate that won’t go away. Who is right; the mom who pursues her career or the mom who gives it up? The mom who goes off to work leaving her children in someone else’s care or the mom who spends every waking minute with them? The working mom vs stay at home mom debate will probably never be put to rest but the good news is that most moms have found a way to have both.

Working Mom vs Stay At Home Mom: Looking At Both Sides

The Working Mom: She has her career which she works hard at and this helps her to maintain her independence and her identity outside of being a mother. She benefits from the luxury of having adult interactions daily and her work can almost be viewed as a “break” from family life.

On the other hand, the working mom usually has guilt for not having much time for her kids. Her childcare provider spends more time with them than she does and at times she can not be available for things such as sports games or concerts. She envies the stay at home mom for having so much time for her family since she only really has the weekends.

The Stay At Home MomShe has the luxury of spending everyday with her kids and being available for all their activities. She can devote her full attention to her family and this leaves her with a sense of fulfillment. Guilt about not having time for her children is foreign to her. She can be a mother and spouse to the fullest.

However, the stay at home mom can be jealous of the working mom for the simple fact that she “gets out” and has a life outside of kids. She has given up pursuing a career outside the home for the time being. This leaves her feeling like she has lost her sense of self and may create some resentment.

Working Mom vs Stay At Home Mom: Having The Best Of Both Worlds

How are women ending the working mom vs stay at home mom debate? They are staying home and working from home. Working from home is a practicable solution to the working mom vs stay at home mom debate. When a mom works from home her whole family benefits; the children have their mom home with them, mom is usually happier since she can care for her children full time and maintain her sense of independence, and financially the household does well. Plus, there are also massive tax advantages when you have a business run from your home.

Having a home based business is what moms are doing now to support their family and raise their children. You can draw ideas from your hobbies and interests to run a business out of your home or you can look to the Internet for an online business. An online business can be a great option for moms who want to set their own hours and still have great earning potential.